Monday, July 10, 2006


Photo from weekly breakfast at Seward Cafe, with food, elbows, and a newspaper on the table

Summer has been busy. Take a look at photos from recent events
at Jay's Flickr site.

In other news, I've completed my 3-month temporary job, and
am applying for another temporary job as well as for a
Chaplaincy Residency starting in September for 9-12 months.


wiboi said...

goodluck with everything!

where is the residency?

Listig said...

WOW, love your blog, stumbled across it when looking for the correct spelling of "simul iustus..." for a comment I was posting. I'm something of an outlaw Lutheran myself... just resigned the roster largely over how misogynisticly my wife was treated when she was a Ph.D. candidate and professor at StL. Hmmm, I just made my 360 blog closed to friends of friends, but if you want to come take a look, I might rethink that. I do have an open blog at

Jay said...

That teaches me to blog about stuff before I know what's happening!
That residency didn't happen, neither did the ones I applied for this year. Oh well, maybe someday.